The George Hotel is owned by Surya Hotels, one of the UK's leading niche hotel groups with a rapidly expanding portfolio of outstanding properties, situated in some of the UK's most idyllic settings, from historic towns and coastal resorts to picturesque villages.

A deep sense of history is palpable when you enter The George. It is, perhaps, most famous for its extensive medieval cellars, preserved behind glass, with visible remnants of Roman roads that once ran through the town and even the ashes left by the fires of Queen Boudicca’s rampage in AD60, when she burned Colchester to the ground.

The earliest record of the inn itself dates from 1494. The building structure has been extensively altered over the centuries, however, there are still remains from Tudor times.

The inn appears in the alehouse recognisance from 1764 until 1819 and then in consecutive trade directories up until the modern day. Previous monikers include the George and the Dragon in the 1790's.


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